Charlie Parsons created Survivor a show that is often described television's first reality show and which now plays in dozens of countries worldwide, sometimes under other names such as Expedition Robinson (Sweden) or Koh Lanta (TF1, France.) In the USA, where it plays in Spring and Autumn, ithas run for more than thirty seasons and still wins its time slot on CBS with all key demographic groups. It is widely regarded as one of the most innovative shows of all time and amongst its many awards are several Emmys. It has had a profound impact on television programmes and their production across the world.

The show sends 16 or more contestants to a remote island to take part in a complex game and social experiment which tests their physical and mental resilience.  

Charlie Parsons,  is the Executive Producer of the North American production of Survivor.  He recently sold Castaway Television Productions Ltd, which controls all aspects of the “Survivor” businesses worldwide, to the media company Banaji.  

Before Castaway, Charlie was a successful producer, working with Bob Geldof, and Waheed Alli at the tv production company Planet 24, where he created some of the most ground breaking shows of the day such as The Word and the Big Breakfast. Planet 24 was sold to Carlton Television in 1999.